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The Background music SAMPLE is from FILTER's Amalgamut - You Walk Away

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Female Vocalist Seeking Band Mates

Ad Date: 02/22/2006

Anyone needing a singer please let me know. I'm up for anything and willing to learn everything there is. If you want to know more please click the AD# below and let me know!


AD#:    6821018971


11th Voice Seeking a BAD ASS Guitarist

Ad Date: 01/22/2006

We are currently holding auditions for a lead/rhythm guitar player.  Circumstances beyond our control have limited Jamie's
availability for practices and shows.  If you are interested in scheduling an audition, please email the band at
 11thvoice@11thvoice.com  and type "guitar player audition" in the subject line. Leave us your name, phone number, describe your
gear and give us a brief history of your past bands/projects.  We will contact you by phone to schedule the audition.
Must have pro gear and a professional attitude.  Most importantly, you must be a bad ass guitar player!

Guitarist Seeking Original Band

Ad Date: 11/24/2004

Guitarist seeks original band. Experienced and serious only. Modern rock/alt/metal format. I play, sing and write. I have the best of gear.


AD#:    2074012390

Perspective Seeking Vocalist!!

Ad Date: 01/09/2005

Perspective is looking for a lead vocalist.They are currently doing all the vocals themselves, but are looking to expand the band. Anyone who is interested must be into original music and must be open minded to progressive style rock. Influences would include Rush, Tool, King Crimson, Incubus, Disturbed. We are currently writing new material for a new cd. We do have gigs scheduled which include playing cover songs. Visit our web site at www.perspectiverocks.com.  Click on the link below to reply to my AD if this sounds like you.


AD#:  242098134

Vocalist Seeking Band Mates

Ad Date: 10/27/2004

I'm an experienced vocalist, drug free and drama free, in search of musicians for a cover band or Alice-N-Chains Tribute. I'm into for the most part, Alice In Chains, as well as Soundgarden, GNR, Velvet Revolver, Audio Slaves, STP.  Click on the link below to reply to my AD if you are interested.


AD#:    69133202130

Band Looking For Singer

Ad Date: 10/31/2004

To all those singers who r serious about singin in a original (and the ocasional cover) band that already has material ready,...wanna give it a shot ??? SERIOUS inq's PLEASE,...THE BAND IS " BECOMING "  GOT PIPES????? Then  click on the link below to reply to my AD if this sounds like you.


AD#:  4225896


AXE-Grinder Guitarist Seeking Band

Ad Date: 08/17/2004

Real hot shredder looking to get with hard rocking band. No [posers]. influences Hendrix, Dimebag, Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde, Mustaine, Kirk Hammett

 Click on the link below to reply to my AD. Thanks

AD#:  641211668





Ad Date: 08/27/2004

Local all original band seeks bassist to complete lineup. We already have quite a bit of material and are currently in the process of recording our demo at Front Street Studios we are looking for someone with good work ethic but still knows how to have fun...although we do have a great bassist who has been writing and recording with us we would like to have a guy who can do the live show and who is interested in becoming a permanent fixture in the band including writing, recording, and touring... just drop by the web site www.crookedfinger.com or Click on the link below to reply to my AD if this sounds like you.


AD#:  24209238234

Drummer Seeking Other Musicians

Ad Revised Date: 09/08/2004

Dayton based drummer looking to form an 80-90's style progressive "ORIGINAL" rock band. WANT A DRUMMER THAT STANDS OUT AMONG THE REST?...Look no further! SERIOUS Adults only please! If your ticket and passion in life is music and you have no baggage give me a call. I have a very possible bass player to come with me on my journey to the stars. Please do not waste my time if you are not serious. I need an Axe Grindin' guitar player, and a Frontman with a good voice and the ability to control a crowd, and a keyboardist with a new style. Need a second opinion?...just ask Sarge! NO DRUGS or BOOZERS!!!!!!! Influences: Queensryche, Motley Crue, Dream Theater, Alice in Chains, Mudvayne, Fear Factory. I have all of my own gear. If this sound like you, Click on the link below to reply to my AD. Thanks

AD#:  242091120






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The Background music SAMPLE is from FILTER's Amalgamut - You Walk Away

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